For more than fifty years, the Democrats and Republicans have run this country. They have ignored the Constitution and brought us to the state in which we currently live.

Our founding fathers created a government that was to protect our God-given freedoms. They spelled out what the government could do, which was limited. They reaffirmed the limits on the federal government in the tenth amendment by saying that any power not granted to the federal government was left to the states and the people.

As I read the Constitution, I cannot find where the Federal Government has the right to steal money from you and I and give it to individuals, companies, corporations, or foreign countries, no matter how worthy the cause.

I also cannot find where the Federal Government is allowed to have any of the departments (the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, etc – more than I can count) that they have created over the years. If they felt we needed these departments, they should have proposed an amendment that would give the Federal Government the right to have that department.

As a member of Congress that is not a Republican or a Democrat, I realize it is unlikely I could get a bill to the floor of Congress. But that is okay as long as I honor my oath to defend the Constitution by voting against all unconstitutional bills.

I will not vote for anything that would go against the Constitution.

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